Airports near Barcelona, by xlibber

Airports in and around Barcelona

Which airport to fly to when visiting Barcelona, the Costa Brava or the Costa Dorada can seem like a bit of a daunting task. But, fear not. With our comprehensive guide to all airports and transfer options available in the region, you’ll be completely clued up on everything you need to know.

Barcelona Buses – Your Guide To Barcelona’s Bus System

Using the Barcelona bus system is a commonly used method of transport and one of the best ways of getting around Barcelona. There are lines that go all over the city and it offers a cheap way of travelling whilst also seeing the sights.

Transport between Barcelona airport and the city centre

An explanation of how the 24-hour connection between the centre of Barcelona and El Prat airport works, to help you choose the most convenient option between bus, train or taxi.

Barcelona Cruises – sit back, relax and set sail

Thought about embarking on a cruise from Barcelona? This increasingly popular activity amongst holiday makers offers the unique opportunity to take in the sites of the city before sailing off onto many other incredible destinations.

Taxis in Barcelona

Decide to travel in style and take a taxi! Although more expensive than public transport options, they're not as pricey as you may expect and you have the added bonus of seeing a bit of scenery as you travel. Above all, with more than 274 taxi stands in Barcelona, they’re very easy to find.
Train from Barcelona to Valencia

Book a train from Barcelona to Valencia with Rail Ninja!

In the last decades, the plane has become the preferred mean of transportation in pleasure trips for almost everybody. We can't deny that it...

Find out about great savings on airport transfers

Want to get to or from the airport quickly and in comfort? Fono Taxi offers a taxi transfer service to and from all the Barcelona airports. Minivans and child seats available on request…

Rent a car from Barcelona airport

Centauro provide car rentals at low prices. With a great range of cars suited to the family, couple or businessman; you will be sure to find something that’s perfect for you. Pick up your Barcelona car rental directly from Barcelona Airport.

Barcelona Metro Guide – Lines, Prices, Tickets

Barcelona metro map - Every day millions of people use Barcelona’s public transport service; the fastest and most practical way to travel around the city. The metro network covers 113 kilometres, includes 148 different metro stops, 6 lines, and 29 connecting stations (13 of which are also linked to the railway system).
Barcelona Tram, by Andy_Mitvhell_UK

Using the Barcelona Tram System

Travelling on the Barcelona tram isn't necessarily the form of transport that you would think of first, but it can be a useful way of getting around. The trams in Barcelona have 6 lines and good connections between the parts of town that the metro doesn't serve. Read on for full timetables and pricing.